Re-wires – Rewiring a house seems like something that would never need to happen. Though it happens more than most people know. Normally older houses need rewiring due to safety reasons as the cabling will be old and frail and there may be recurring faults which could in turn damage appliances.

Safety switches and board upgrades – these upgrades are required and cannot be avoided at times when modifying electrical circuits. This is to bring your electrical installation up to current Australian electrical standards. Installing new safety switches along with a new switchboard enclosure for peace of mind.

LED lighting solutions – is your house full of old halogen downlights? Maybe some old fluorescent lights in the garage? Time for an upgrade? Not only will putting new energy efficient LED lights in your house look great and save you money on your power bill, but will be safer as well because LED lights produce far less heat.

Renovations – Large or small, indoor or outdoor, there are no renovations that MJD cannot handle. Working under a builder, Architect or owner builder MJD have the skills and drive to get the project done on time and on budget.

Smoke detectors – Smoke detectors save lives. All smoke detectors should be 240v with battery backup. Where there is more than one smoke detector, they should all be interlinked. Having smoke detectors that are interlinked means that if one goes off, they all go off.

Fans – Installing fans is a cost-effective way of keeping the house cool, with a wide variety of fans on the market there is a fan to suit every budget and style.

Outdoor lighting heating solutions – whether installing outdoor lighting for functional reasons or for a bit of ambience MJD can put the wow factor into your backyard.

Heating solutions – MJD can take the chill out of the air with heated floor solutions, indoor IXL’s and bar heaters for bathrooms and outdoor bar heaters to suit any budget.

Appliance install – Buying new appliances? MJD can get your new appliances installed without any fuss. Remember when installing new appliances sometimes the cabling and circuit breaker must be upgraded as well.

Phone, Data – At MJD We provide Data points installed from your modem to another area of your home, Additional phone points to your desired location and wireless solutions to suit your required needs.

Aerials & TV points – Digital antennas eliminate all sorts of reception problems and allows you the experience of uninterrupted viewing. At MJD, we will not only install the TV aerial on your rooftop, but will also take necessary steps to ensure its permanence. MJD can also add additional TV and Foxtel points to any point that you desire.

Intercoms – Having an intercom system in your home not only adds another layer of security and comfort to your property but it can add value to your property. In most cases a simple front door answering system with video link and access control is all that’s needed for peace of mind.

So, whether it’s a new home, renovating or extension give MJD a call and we can design a system to suit your needs.